A team of professionals supporting business growth in Leicester and across the UK 

Come and Meet Us 

The best way to find out more about BNI is by booking a meeting. We offer all sorts of resources for your business, including professional advice and introductions into new networks that can help your business grow. 

BNI Works 

Since BNI Olympus was formed, members have been thanked for over £6.2 million in referrals. 
The amount of new business last year reached a whopping £521 million in England! This is due to the hard work and dedication from BNI UK members who referred over £12.2 million in referrals resulting in £16 billion worth globally. 

Givers Gain® 

The Givers Gain® philosophy is the backbone of BNI and lets all members benefit from being a part of our community. It's taught throughout our membership and lived by everyone in it. 

Growing Together 

When you become a member of BNI, not only will your business grow, and so will the community. Through weekly meetings with other trusted professionals and referrals passed on by members who have been there before - it's easy for everyone involved in our network to thrive. 

Be prepared: 

Be ready to talk about your business and share information on how you we can help you grow your business; don't forget your business cards. 

You're Our Expert: 

Joining Olympus BNI will allow you to be the go-to person for your field, with only one representative per professional speciality. 

Respect Your Craft: 

The businesses our members represent are a part of them. They put their full-time energy into perfecting their field and being experts on that subject matter. 

Every Tuesday Morning 

From 6:30 am 
Tea and coffee and open networking with members of our team. 
From 7:00 am 
Our structured networking meeting starts with a warm welcome and some introductions. Followed by our members 60 second presentations and a 10 minute feature presentation. 
From 8:30 am 
Enjoy either a full english or continental style breakfast after the meeting whilst continuing to network. 
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